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Dr. Kevin Holt’s Legacy of Promise

Since becoming Superintendent in 2006, Dr. Kevin Holt worked to build a culture of equity and access for the San Marcos Unified School District, reaching far beyond walls of classrooms and into the community.  One of his final contributions to the community of San Marcos was the establishment of SMUSD’s educational foundation, The San Marcos Promise (TSMP). Its goal, to build on the success of the PACE Promise and make higher education accessible to ALL SMUSD students.

In honor of Dr. Holt’s contributions to this community, we challenge you to support his legacy by making a monthly contribution that will perpetuate his Promise for generations to come.

What is The San Marcos Promise?

The San Marcos Promise (TSMP) is a non-profit organization providing guidance and financial support to students in the San Marcos Unified School District (SMUSD) on their path to college and career. TSMP’s scholarship initiatives include the PACE, Palomar, Career Technical Education (CTE), and Visual & Performing Arts (VAPA) Promises.  In addition to providing need-blind scholarships to ALL qualifying students in SMUSD, TSMP also provides financial support for career exploration and college tours to local higher education partners for over 1,600 students on an annual basis.

In order to sustain our Promise for future generations and see the cascading impact to our community, we need each individual in our SMUSD family to make one promise. A commitment of $5 per month from each employee in SMUSD has the potential to sustain over 180 scholarships each year in perpetuity. It is real, the power of one can transform our community, leveraging a single promise to build a movement.

On behalf of SMUSD leadership and TSMP Board of Directors, we invite you to demonstrate the power of one by committing to a monthly payroll contribution at any amount.  With the help of your generous donation, you will be supporting the many education-based services TSMP will provide throughout the year and set a standard for years to come.  Please join us in providing opportunities for all students, regardless of background or financial resources, to pursue higher education and strengthen our community. Together we can make a difference.

Program Benefits

In addition to supporting a local movement for all students to pursue post-secondary education, participating employees will receive:

  • Signature “One Promise” Lapel Pin
  • Annual Donation Receipts (All contributions are tax-deductible)
  • Monthly Newsletters
  • “Thank You” Cards from Promise Scholars
  • Exclusive Invitations to Promise Events
  • “No Hassle” Denim Days for District Office Employees

Dr. Kevin Holt’s Legacy of PromiseKevin_web

“The San Marcos Promise will not only provide scholarships, but it will elevate educational expectations, strengthen support and inspire each of our students to follow their dreams.” ~ Kevin Holt, Ed. D



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