Welcome to Adulthood!

Welcome to Adulthood, class of 2020!

To celebrate the graduation of our 2020 seniors, The San Marcos Promise, in partnership with Pima Medical Institute, are offering a special 4-day virtual workshop focused on learning some of life’s biggest “must knows.”

Before you enter the real world, join us for this unique opportunity involving spirit days, team competitions, prize packages and virtual interviews with local business professionals!

Some of the topics covered will be: finding an apartment, how to fill out a job application, nutrition basics, preparing for an interview, daily personal finance lessons, and a whole lot more.

What you will get out of this workshop:

    • Personal career coaching session
    • Professionally edited resume printed on high-quality resume paper
    • Phone interview with local professionals
    • Job searching tracker
    • Certificate of Completion
    • FYI T-shirt
    • And tons of useful resources you can use on your journey to independence!

Click the button below to watch the recorded Information Session from May 28th

Personal Finance

Nutrition (Why you can't eat Mac 'n Cheese everyday)

How to move out & rent an apartment

All things credit

Get ready to have…


Team Competitions • Spirit Days • Prizes//

Team Competitions • Spirit Days • Prizes//

Team Competitions • Spirit Days • Prizes//