Bailey Fogt

By August 26, 2019Scholar Spotlight

Scholar Bio

I am a 2016 graduate of Mission Hills High School where I participated in the Healthcare Academy for two years. Although my major is Human Development, I am focusing on getting into the Accelerated Nursing program at CSUSM to become a trauma nurse for pediatrics.

How the San Marcos Promise Impacted You

The San Marcos Promise has impacted me greatly, not only financially, but with the constant support they have given me.

Something About You That is a Surprise

Something about myself that may surprise you is that I am a workaholic. Not only have I consistently been enrolled in at like 18 credits or more a semester, but I have also had two part time jobs since I graduated high school.

Scholarship Awarded

PACE Promise

Current School

CSU San Marcos

Current Major

Human Development

Current Year


3 Traits that Define You:

  • Trustworthy
  • Supportive
  • Caring

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