Community Service Requirement

As a San Marcos Promise scholar, you are agreeing to complete 20 community service hours each academic year.

To help you meet this requirement, The San Marcos Promise offers a variety of community service opportunities throughout the year.  

By volunteering at outreach events, you can cultivate interpersonal skills that will be valuable in the professional world. Building new connections and exploring new interests may also reveal a career path you haven’t considered yet.

And beyond that, fulfilling your required community service hours will help us build a culture of achievement and service–something we pride ourselves on.

Community service hours are tracked annually beginning July 1st through June 29th each academic year.  If you do not complete and report your annual community service hours to our TSMP offices prior to June 29, 2018, your Promise scholarship for the fall 2018 term will be terminated.

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Due May 24th.  Remaining Days:

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many hours must I complete in an academic school year?

Every Promise Scholar must complete a minimum of 20 hours. Community service hours are tracked annually beginning July 1st through May 24th each academic year. A minimum of 10 hours must be completed specifically through TSMP and at TSMP sponsored events. Additional 10 hours should be completed in our local community.  If you have  involvement with an organization outside our community,  please submit for approval from TSMP staff prior to the completion of your hours.

What events are acceptable to satisfy my community service requirement?

Fulfilling your required community service hours will help us build a culture of achievement, allowing you to serve as a mentor and role model to current students, instilling a sense of hope and responsibility.  To accomplish this goal, we highly encourage Promise Scholars to complete community service hours with TSMP and via SMUSD and school sites events per the TSMP Community Service calendar.

Can I do community service through my own events in North County?

Yes, as long as Promise scholars provide documentation of hours to TSMP staff before the end of the academic school year. Preferably hours will be logged on the community service sheet supplied by TSMP.  Click here to download the TSMP Community Service Log.  Community Service Logs must be emailed to [email protected] before May 24, 2019 for Promise Scholars to receive their hours.

Do I need to fill out the community service log completely to receive hours?

Yes, all the information provided on the community service log is important and will help confirm the validity of your hours and allow our team to track the service done by you and all of our scholars.

What does NOT count as community service?

Service that does NOT count towards the requirement are activities done in a student’s own household or through their immediate family (e.g., mowing the lawn. picking up trash in your neighborhood, walking the dog, babysitting, etc.)

How do I find out about community service events?

Every scholar is mandated to supply their school email address and a personal address. This email address will serve as the primary form of communication by TSMP staff to Promise scholars of upcoming events at either TSMP, SMUSD, Palomar and/or community events.  If you neglected to complete our Promise Scholar Application upon graduation, please click here to share your student information.

Who do I contact if I have more questions about community service events?

If you are currently a Promise scholar or parent, please contact Jennifer Lopez at [email protected] for any questions regarding community service events or opportunities.

What happens if I don’t meet the required 20 hours of community service?

If any Promise scholar doesn’t complete their 20 hours of community service it will result in the termination of their scholarship. It is up to Promise scholars to complete the required hours and ensure those hours have been registered with TSMP staff.

What is the dress code for TSMP events?

The dress code for TSMP events is business casual unless otherwise stated. Business casual for women is black pants, flats, blouse, or a dress with a cardigan. Business casual for men would also be defined as black pants, closed toed shoes, dress shirt or button-up shirt.

What if I turn in my community service log late?

The deadline to turn in any community service log is June 29, 2018. There will be no exceptions, as a Promise Scholar is it important to be aware of deadlines and send any documents before the deadline.