Together We Can Make A Difference

The San Marcos Promise will stimulate economic development in North County by increasing the number of relevant college-educated and career-ready students entering the workforce. Over 85% of California State University San Marcos (CSUSM) graduates stay in the region after graduation, fueling our North County San Diego workforce and contributing to the economy. Through partnering with TSMP we aspire to:

    • Increase the number of local students who are career ready
    • Increase the college-educated workforce
    • Have the opportunity to hire qualified interns through the PACE program
    • Fund scholarships specific to the science and technology industry
    • Make careers relevant to high school and college students through the guest speaker and job shadow programs

In order to empower students to overcome barriers that stand in the way to higher education, we need your support.  The San Marcos Promise has a fundraising goal of $100,000 for 2015 and is already 35% to the goal. We invite you to dream big with us to create a community vision for higher education that will benefit the San Marcos community and the entire North County Region.

Success from the Kalamazoo Promise

Findings from the model Kalamazoo Promise were profoundly and positively impactful. Teachers felt more motivated and supported. Students reported positive change in their aspirations, taking on more challenging and advanced courses and raising their own academic expectations. Parents shared that they were more focused on their children’s school work and were enforcing more social and academic discipline at home. Community organizations created new or expanded programming for services such as tutoring and providing material aid to families in poverty. The Kalamazoo Promise leveraged increased volunteerism in the community, and the changes the Promise has helped promote have fostered goodwill, generosity and increased commitment to children.