Dianna Torres

By August 26, 2019Scholar Spotlight

Scholar Bio

I am currently pursuing my Biology major. The reason I chose Biology as my major is because I’m fascinated by the beauty of life on our planet. I also love spending time with my family and going to the zoo.

How the San Marcos Promise Impacted You

The San Marcos promise has impacted me by helping me financial and by allowing me to have a support system. Every time I come in contact with any member of the San Marcos Promise, I’ve felt welcomed and I love how supportive and encouraging everyone is.

Something About You That is a Surprise

Something about myself that may surprise people is I run really fast.

Scholarship Awarded

PACE Promise

Current School

CSU San Marcos

Current Major


Current Year


3 Traits that Define You:

  • Patient
  • Responsible
  • Caring

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