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A Message from our Executive Director

I spent the first 20 years of my career as a school counselor. My husband has been a ceramics and sculpture teacher (at San Marcos High School) for 22 years. One of our greatest joys is running into a former student and having them say we somehow made a difference in their life. The pride and sense of satisfaction we feel when we see them living a happy, healthy, productive life is what fuels our passion for what we do each day. 

I’ve heard my husband say that he’s not trying to develop professional artists each year, rather he’s helping shape lives and futures through clay. Needless to say, I have a tremendous amount of respect for educators and how each, in their own space, help inspire young minds and change the trajectory of lives. 

Regardless of whether you are an educator or not, we ALL have the opportunity to be that one person who makes a difference in the life of a young person. YOU could be that one guest speaker at an event like our Future Fair who introduces a student to a career he/she didn’t know exists. You could be a volunteer at an event such as our Senior Mock Interviews who offers a piece of advice or says something in which a student never forgets. 

The opportunities to make an impact are endless and the sense of fulfillment knowing you’re making a difference is priceless. 

If you have an interest or passion for helping young students find a direction for their future, we invite you to make an investment in The San Marcos Promise with your time, talents, or treasures. Join our collective effort to positively impact the lives of over 21,000 students in San Marcos Unified School District.

To continue building dreams, pathways, and prosperity dreams, pathways, and prosperity for students, we need you we need you! If you want to get involved, there are several ways you can help! If you are an SMUSD employee, it’s not too late! You can still sign up to become a monthly donor too! 

VolunteerSMUSD Monthly DonorsWatch and Learn More

Second Annual Promise Adult Prom

Join us at the 2nd Annual San Marcos Promise Adult Prom! What better way to recognize and honor our collective hard work and efforts in supporting student futures than a fun night of celebrating in Havana! 

Enjoy salsa lessons, great eats from a Cuban food truck, mojitos & adult libations, DJ, and more dancing! It’s going to be hot, hot, hot… an event not to be missed! 

This is a 21+ over event! Invitations to come. 

Thank you Lake San Marcos Kiwanis!

A BIG thank you to Kiwanis of Lake San Marcos for your donation of $1,000! TSMP appreciates your support and the opportunity to share more about The San Marcos Promise with Kiwanis members. 

At last month’s Kiwanis meeting, Executive Director, Lisa Stout, was presented with the check. Elissa Dominguez, Lead TSMP Ambassador, shared how TSMP has impacted her journey in education. Elissa attended SMUSD for her entire K-12 educational journey, is a PACE Scholar, and will be graduating in May from CSUSM. 

Rogelio “Roy” Huerta, Education Coordinator, also shared how TSMP has been influential in his education! Roy attended SMUSD from K-12th grade, was a Simon Scholar and PACE Scholar, and is now helping our high school students with job and career readiness as an Education Coordinator. 

Education Coordinator Corner

Thank you to Michael Hollister and Will Rivera of Cal Coast Credit Union for bringing this program to our students and to our parent and PACE Scholar volunteers for your help as Bite of Reality mock vendors!

Our Education Coordinators, Amanda and Roy, hosted a successful 2-day personal finance workshop for 54 students in grades 9-12 last month! 

They covered topics such as banking basics, borrowing money (credit cards, credit scores, and student loans), paying for post-secondary education, and budgeting. 

On day 2 of the workshop, Cal Cal Coast Credit Union Coast Credit Union brought in their Bite of Reality Program Bite of Reality Program where students participate in a hands-on simulation where they learn real-world financial realities and how to live on a budget.

The workshop was an overwhelming success with 95% of participants stating they would recommend the workshop to a friend! 97% of students felt they had the knowledge and skills needed to manage their money more effectively after attending the workshop.

This FYI workshop was an amazing experience and really opened my eyes. I learned that I should manage my money more responsibly—the real world is not cheap!

SMHS Senior

I really liked the interactive simulation through the Bite of Reality about how to spend your money. This taught me how important it's to maintain a budget!

SMHS Senior

Spring & Summer LEAP

Summer Dates:

  • Week of July 13: La Mirada Academy
  • Week of July 20: San Elijo Elementary School
  • Week of July 27: San Elijo Elementary School
Check here for updates!

LEAP is expanding this spring! In addition to Know Hill and Discovery, we’ll have camps at Twin Oaks Elementary, San Elijo Elementary and La Mirada Academy!

We’re excited to be offering 3 weeks of summer LEAP camps this year! Registration will open on Thursday, February 13th! 

Our Learning Enrichment to Achieve Promise (LEAP) program is one of the best afterschool and summer enrichment programs in the country for K-8 students.

LEAP helps students discover new interests and passions and helps them gain critical 21st century skills such as adaptive problem solving, collaborative communication and digital fluency. Not only is it taught by our extraordinary credentialed SMUSD teachers, the teachers are able to design a class in an area they are especially passionate about, with an emphasis on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Mathetmatics.) Students are exposed to classes they might not otherwise have had the opportunity to take during their school day.

A huge added benefit of LEAP is that some of the proceeds go back to the school who hosts LEAP.

Volunteers Needed!

We’re looking for industry professionals to participate in the 5th Annual Senior Mock Interviews on April 1st and 2nd, 2020 at San Marcos High School. April 1st and 2nd, 2020 at San Marcos High School. The mock interviews are the culmination of the Senior Career Exploration project that all seniors participate in over the course of their senior year. With your participation we hope to create a meaningful experience for our seniors and provide students with practical, career-building skills as they depart SMHS and move into a career pathway. 

Each of our 800 seniors will participate in a mock interview conducted by local industry professionals. Each day will be broken into 2 shifts and we will gladly accept an all-day or two-day commitment if your schedule permits. 

Wednesday April 1st from 8:00 to 12:00pm
Wednesday April 1st from 12:00 to 3:00pm
Thursday April 2nd from 8:00 to 12:00pm
Thursday April 2nd from 12:00 to 3:00pm

Please RSVP to Attend

Please feel free to share this link with friends and colleagues as our goal is to have at least 75 volunteers each day. If you have any questions about the event, please contact Alison Liu in the SMHS Career Center with any questions. [email protected] or 760-290-2226 

Thank you for all you do to support our students! 

Warrior Village Project

TSMP is a proud fiscal sponsor to the Warrior Village Project Warrior Village Project, spearheaded by Mr. Mark Pilcher and coming to fruition at San Marcos High School in Mr. Chris Geldert’s Woodshop class. The Warrior Village Project is helping to provide permanent, affordable housing to homeless veterans while training the next generation of homebuilders. 

Thank you to our generous community supporters and volunteers, to Mr. Pilcher, Mr. McSweeney Mr. Pilcher, Mr. McSweeney from BIA, from BIA,and to Mr. Geldert Mr. Geldert who works tirelessly everyday sharing this amazing experience with his students.  Mr. McSweeney dedicates time each week to helping these students through the various stages of homebuilding (Mr. McSweeney pictured bottom right). Thank you for helping our students make a connection between their education and the walls beyond high school! 

This is a perfect example of the importance of connections and demonstrates the impact it can have, not only in the lives of students, but the community at large. 

Since the inception of the San Marcos Promise I have been contributing to the program because I believe that TSMP provides all of our students efforts to continue on to college and career. This is my way of helping support our students and our community.

Apolo Rios, Mission Hills High School

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