Quarantine Edition

The San Marcos Promise, in partnership with Pima Medical Institute, is proud to announce the continuation of our FYI (Future You Initiative) workshops…virtually! Starting April 1st, our extraordinary High School Education Coordinators will be offering The FYI : Zoom In!, Quarantine Edition workshops every M, W, & F (twice per day)! (1-2pm & 3-4pm)

(Scroll to the bottom for workshop descriptions)

Please direct all FYI: Zoom In! questions to: 

[email protected] OR [email protected]

Pre-Registration is required.

Once you have registered, an email will be sent to your SMUSD email with a Zoom* link and a password to join the session 30 minutes prior to the start time.

Students are expected to maintain classroom expectations & appropriate behavior at
all times while engaging with our Education Coordinators, teachers and peers via distance learning.

*Zoom is a video conferencing platform. Please have your audio connected so that you can hear the facilitator. We recommend using a computer and not a mobile device. Before the start of your session, you may want to log in a few minutes early to check your internet connection. Be sure you are in a quiet space where you can hear, and/or speak. Video is encouraged but not required.

Must-Know Mondays

April 6

Post-High School Options: Destination Unknown

April 13

How to Write a Professional Email

April 20

How to Write a Resume

April 27

How to Find a Job during a Quarantine

May 4

How to Make a Great First Impression

May 11

How to Dress Professionally

May 18

Interview Do's & Don'ts

May 25

Office/Workplace Etiquette

Workforce Wednesdays

April 1

Super Strong Career Planning

April 8

Energy, Construction & Utilities

April 15

Education & Human Development

April 22

Health Care

April 29

Information & Communication Technologies

May 6

Life Sciences & Biotechnologies

May 13

Public Administration

May 20

Advanced Manufacturing

May 27

Online Volunteering Opportunities

Finance Fridays

April 3

Banking Basics

April 10

Understanding Debt and Credit

April 17

Buying or Leasing a Car

April 24

How to Fund Your Education

May 1

Avoiding Scams

May 8

Budgeting & Saving

May 15

Filing Your Taxes

May 22

Banking Basics

May 29

Understanding Debt & Credit Scores

Must-Know Mondays

  • Post-High School Options: Destination Unknown
    • Not sure what comes next? Want to further your education but aren’t sure what institute is right for you? You have plenty of options; in one-hour we will address them and connect you with local resources!
  • How to Write a Professional Email
    • Whether you’re emailing your high school teacher, counselor, or boss, there are a few key points to remember when emailing others. Learn about proper email etiquette that every professional wants you to know!
  • How to Write a Resume
    • Get professional resume writing guidance as you work on your resume. In one hour you will have a complete, thorough resume you’ll be excited to show off!
  • How to Find a Job during a Quarantine
    • Despite job cuts and loss of hours, essential businesses are still hiring–and thriving! Find out how to get a part-time job in a short amount of time!
  • How to Make A Great First Impression
    • Your interactions matter, and the first 5 seconds of a meeting are critical. Find out how body language, speech, and confidence play a big role in your success!
  • How to Dress Professionally
    • What you wear says a lot about you, or so people think. Discover how your outfit can help you land a job or internship and learn about our free, district-wide Career Closet!
  • Interview Do’s and Don’ts
    • Practice your interview skills by learning what the most common interview questions are and the best way to answer them. The more you practice, the less scarier interviews seem.
  • Office/Workplace Etiquette
    • How you treat your co-workers is not the same as how you treat your friends. Together we will discuss some common mistakes to avoid in the workplace to help you keep your job and advance in your career!

Workforce Wednesdays

Our Workforce Wednesday workshops give students an opportunity to take a deeper look into many of the most needed careers within San Diego County. These workshops will use materials and resources directly from The San Diego Workforce Partnership.

  • Super Strong Career Planning
    • Do you know what you want to do for your career? Need some help identifying what career fields would be a good fit? Take our interest assessment and get personalized career fields recommended to you based on your personality and interests!
  • Energy, Construction & Utilities
    • This sector creates the physical places people live, work and enjoy—from the four walls of a building to the wiring and power that make it possible to offer free wifi.
  • Education & Human Development
    • Whether it’s teaching at a daycare, working at a school or educating communities about health resources, people in this sector help others access their personal freedom to decide who to be, what to do and how to live.
  • Health Care
    • At the intersection of technology, science and empathy lies health care, where people work to keep the public healthy and well, quickly solving problems when something goes wrong.
  • Information & Communication Technologies
    • This sector calls for people to use their creativity to code the latest cutting-edge computer program, launch the newest top trending app or design the next iconic logo.
  • Life Sciences & Biotechnologies
    • Have you ever dreamed of being a superhero? People in this sector work daily to fuse together the power of life science and evolving technology to save lives and enhance quality of life.
  • Public Administration
    • People in this sector solve problems through their research, analysis, leadership and public service. They listen to concerns, collaborate with others and respond to the community with a goal of improving people’s lives.
  • Advanced Manufacturing
    • This sector combines fields like engineering, computer drafting, biotech and more to design and build our future.
  • Online Volunteering Opportunities
    • You don’t have to leave your house to make a difference. Learn about ways to get involved and do some good from the comfort of your own home!

Finance Fridays

  • Banking Basics:
    • Learn the fundamentals of banking: checking vs. savings accounts, banks vs. credit unions, debit cards vs. credit cards and how to write a check.
  • Understanding Debt and Credit Scores:
    • Learn what borrowing money and acquiring debt means, how credit cards work, and what a “FICO Score”  is.
  • Buying or Leasing a Car: 
    • Decide the most cost-effective option for paying for a car
  • How to Fund Your Education: 
    • Discover your resources, learn about current scholarships, review your FAFSA, and investigate student loans
  • Avoiding Scams:
    • Learn how to identify red-flags and common scams that have a lifelong impact on your finances.
  • Budgeting & Saving:
    • Together we will walk through a budget appropriate for a teenager/college-student to track spending and discuss savings goals.
  • Filing Your Taxes: 
    • Together we will discuss who should file their taxes, what you will need, and why it is so important.