January Newsletter 2020

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A Message from our Executive Director

Happy New Year! 2019 was a year of growth and excitement for The San Marcos Promise. The addition of our education coordinators and programs coordinator allowed us to expand our programs and services, thus reaching more students. We established new partnerships in the community which allowed for increased opportunities for students, from additional LEAP scholarships to job shadowing and internship opportunities and so much more. In 2020, we look forward to forging new partnerships and strengthening those we’ve been fortunate to have established. 

As we enter a new decade, our region needs a strong next generation of workforce leaders and innovators to maintain a robust and thriving economy. This cannot happen without dedicated attention to workforce and leadership development. We want to develop and retain our local talent—and we need your help to do it! 

How do we expect young people to dream if they don’t know what they can dream about? Each connection we’re able to make in the community has a direct impact on student futures. Any opportunities for career exploration gives our students broader exposure to the working world in which they will enter. Helping students “connect the dots” between their education and careers will motivate them to learn the skills needed to thrive in college, career and life. 

To continue building dreams, pathways, and prosperity dreams, pathways, and prosperity for students, we need you we need you! If you want to get involved, there are several ways you can help! If you are an SMUSD employee, it’s not too late! You can still sign up to become a monthly donor too! 

To continue building dreams, pathways, and prosperity dreams, pathways, and prosperity for students, we need you we need you! If you want to get involved, there are several ways you can help! If you are an SMUSD employee, it’s not too late! You can still sign up to become a monthly donor too! 

Click here to learn more about The San Marcos Promise! 

Volunteer Spotlight: Kyreen Chua, MPA

San Marcos High School was selected this year to be one of SDSU’s Adopt-A-Femineer schools! Ms. Chua enthusiastically dedicates one morning per week to the program at SMHS. The San Marcos Promise was happy to send Kyreen to a Femineer Program training at Cal Poly Pomona last summer, where she had the opportunity to be introduced to the Femineer curriculum that she’d be using, as well as work on the projects and software that go along with it. 

Ms. Chua’s Bio: Ms. Chua’s Bio: Kyreen Chua graduated from Cal- State Long Beach with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and obtained her Master’s in Public Administration from University of Southern California. She is currently an Associate Engineer for the City of Carlsbad working in land development engineering.

When asked what inspired her to get involved with the Femineer Program at SMHS, Ms. Chua replied, “I want to be able to motivate and encourage the next generation of STEM professionals and more so with female students. Through the Femineer program, I’m able to influence female students and provide them my experiences, perspective, mentorship and guidance towards a future in STEM careers and hopefully achieving more equitable opportunities for current and future female professionals in the STEM workforce.” 

Thank you, Ms. Chua, for your dedication to our students and for motivating and encouraging the next generation of females in the STEM fields!

MHHS Culinary Arts Students Visit Omni La Costa!

A special thank you to Mr. Anthony Mr. Ant hony Belef, Director, Human Resources Belef, Director, Human Resources, Executive Chef Adam Solowitz Executive Chef Adam Solowitz and the Omni Resort & Spa, La Costa Omni Resort & Spa, La Costa for hosting a wonderful field trip for the Mission Hills High School Culinary Arts 2 students on Monday, Dec. 9th. 

The chefs and leadership team at the Omni La Costa went above and beyond to make the trip a meaningful experience for students. The students received an extensive facility tour that included the back & front of the house. Sous chefs explained the various departments and how they support the resort as a whole. Students were given the opportunity to learn from the banquet operations manager and the banquet chef too. The pastry chef made personalized cookies for the students which were not only beautiful, but a BIG hit amongst the students. 

It was a great experience for students to be exposed to, and have an opportunity to experience a world class resort and an operation of that size. 

The San Marcos Promise is excited to further our partnership with Omni Resort & Spa, La Costa! 

Education Coordinator Corner

In an effort to help more of our high school students feel confident about their personal finance knowledge, our education coordinators, Amanda and Roy, will be offering a financial literacy workshop on January 8 & 9, 2020. The workshop filled up in less than a week!

Thank You Union Bank Foundation!

A big thank you to the MUFG Union Bank MUFG Union Bank Foundation Foundation for your generous $3,500 grant to support our Future Centers! Thank you for believing in our mission to build dreams, pathways, and prosperity by guiding and supporting students on their journeys to college and into the workforce. 

Every penny counts as we work to build our Future Centers at each of our three local high schools to provide year-round job and year-round job and career readiness career readiness support to our students!

Thank You Fresh Creative Foods!

A big thanks to Mrs. Patricia Duenas and the team at Fresh Creative Foods for their generous $500 donation to TSMP. Mrs. Duenas read about TSMP and supports our mission, so she asked her workplace if they would donate to our foundation. After speaking with the team about our program and what we do for students, they expressed interest in furthering a partnership and offering job shadowing opportunities for our students to learn about the jobs that exist within their company and industry! This is a perfect example of the ways education, business & industry, and community partnerships can come together to impact student futures! Thank you, Mrs. Duenas and Creative Foods!

Why I Give

We couldn’t do what we do for students without the support of our donors. To honor these businesses and individuals, each month we’ll feature one of our donors and hear, in their words, why they give to TSMP. This month we’re featuring Dr. Zachary Nelson of Nelson Family Orthodontics.

The mission of our business is largely focused on teenagers and giving them confidence to help prepare them for their futures. I can't think of a better organization in San Marcos that is trying to accomplish a similar goal. The San Marcos Promise is excellent at helping students become confident leaders in society and I love to participate in as many awesome activities that are prepared for them as possible. Thanks for all you do!

Nelson, Nelson Family Orthodontics

Dressed for Success!

We are excited to announce that our TS MProfessional Career Closet TSM Professional Career Closet is now open! Any high school student who needs professional clothing for an interview, networking event, internship, etc. can sign up to come to our office where our ambassadors will help each student pick out an outfit! Students work with our Education Coordinators at each high school on job and career readiness skills, such as resume preparation and interviewing, prior to receiving their outfit. 

We are accepting donations on an ongoing basis ongoing basis. Thank you to all of our community members who have donated professional clothing! 

Pictured on left: MHHS senior, Laith Khodr

Laith was able to find a sharp shirt and suit to wear to upcoming interviews. He is now ready and prepared, with interview skills and an updated resume to present himself in a professional manner.

“All thanks and appreciation to all of you who have given me the opportunity to be looking good to find a good job opportunity. Thanks all!”

Warrior Village Project

TSMP is a proud fiscal sponsor to the Warrior Village Project, spearheaded by Mr. Mark Pilcher and coming to fruition at San Marcos High School in Mr. Chris Geldert’s Woodshop class. The Warrior Village Project is helping to provide permanent, affordable housing to why they give to TSMP. This month we’re featuring Dr. Zachary

homeless veterans while training the next generation of homebuilders. 

Thank you to our generous community supporters and volunteers, to Mr. Pilcher, Mr. Pilcher, Mr. McS weeney from BIA, Mr. McS weeney from BIA,and to Mr. Mr. Geldert Geldert who works tirelessly everyday sharing this amazing experience with his students. 

Mr. McSweeney dedicates time each week to helping these students through the various stages of homebuilding (Mr. McSweeney pictured bottom right). Thank you for helping our students make a connection between their education and the walls beyond high school! 

This is a perfect example of the importance of connections and demonstrates the impact it can have, not only in the lives of students, but the community at large. 

Spring LEAP

TOES Spring LEAP classes begin on Jan 30

  • Are you thready for this? Let’s sew!
  • Yoga and Mindfulness
  • On Air (A broadcasting class)

Double Peak School classes begin Feb 6

  • Cooking with Books
  • Games Galore!
  • Glow-in-the-Dark Art
  • INtro to Ceramics
  • Lego Robotics: Hands On, Minds On!
  • Painting and Punch
  • The Secrets to the Cursive Language
  • What’s Inside?

Our Learning Enrichment to Achieve Promise (LEAP) program is one of the best afterschool and summer enrichment programs in the county for K- 8 students. 

LEAP helps students discover new interests and passions and helps them gain critical 21st century skills such as adaptive problem solving, collaborative communication and digital fluency.

Not only is it taught by our extraordinary credentialed SMUSD teachers, the teachers are able to design a class in an area they are especially passionate about, with an emphasis on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Mathematics). Students are exposed to classes they might not otherwise have had the opportunity to take during their school day.

A huge added benefit of LEAP is that some of the proceeds go back to the school who hosts LEAP.

Community Scholarships

TSMP is working to gather local scholarships for our graduating seniors. If you or your place of work is interested in establishing a new scholarship to include in our Community Community S cholarship Application S cholarship Application, please contact Sara Montooth, Programs Coordinator, at [email protected] 

Scholarship grantors will have the opportunity to present their scholarship at our annual high school scholarship awards night at the end of the school year. 

Every dollar counts in helping our students take the next step in continuing their education beyond high school!

Thank you for your donation!

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