Kaylee Crivello

By June 15, 2015April 18th, 2018Scholar Spotlight

Promise Scholar Spotlight: Kaylee Crivello

As a first generation college student, Kaylee Crivello had to blaze her own trail, which led her to become a San Marcos Promise PACE Scholar. At Cal State University San Marcos (CSUSM), Kaylee is part of the class of 2017 pursuing a degree in Psychology. Her aspirations are to continue her studies in psychology at graduate school be able to practice professionally as a psychologist – most likely as a school psychologist.

Her career choice was inspired by an Advanced Placement (AP) psychology course she took at San Marcos High School. “What stuck with me were the behavioral aspects of psychology. It is so interesting how we all interact with and react to each other, how others affect our behaviors, how we present ourselves and how actions in our everyday lives end up influencing the life paths we choose more than we realize.” This includes her experience: “one teacher and one course impacted me. My psychology teacher was so passionate and knowledgeable – even though it wasn’t a common subject taught in high school – it led me to study psychology in college.”

While in high school, Kaylee applied to just three colleges because the application fees were cost prohibitive and she got into only one college: Cal State University San Marcos. “It was a little disappointing but it worked out for the best. I absolutely love CSUSM because I grew up in San Marcos and there is a sense of belonging. I feel a sense of pride when I meet other people who go to the college in my hometown.”

Kaylee personally knows the value of psychologists who work with youth. “There were personal life struggles during my senior year of high school and first year of college. I found help through a high school psychologist. Ultimately, these challenges resulted in me to make the decision to either do college on my own or not do it at all.” Kaylee fully supports herself by working two jobs. The PACE scholarship provides a welcome financial aid to underwrite her college tuition.

With aspirations to be a school psychologist, Kaylee currently invests in local youth by coaching the San Marcos youth lacrosse team. “When I was at San Elijo Hills middle school, I remember seeing the PACE scholars come to campus to volunteer. This made an impression on me and now I want to volunteer to go back on campus to inspire young kids to go to college.”