Megan Slama

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Scholar Bio

Hello I am Megan Slama and currently pursuing a Biology degree at CSUSM and hope to graduate in the year 2021. At San Marcos High School, I participated on the track and field team and was part of the hiking club and The Fellowship of Christian Athletes. My motivation to pursue a higher education was my interest in the sciences, for many jobs in this field, a college degree is needed and I hope to help people from a scientific or medical standpoint. My interest in this field has grown throughout my life but it became prominent when I have had to overcome the loss of my grandmother from cancer. Although this is a tragic event, it has had an impact on the way I have decided how I want to help people. My grandmother had a career in the medical field and from her I have some connections and guidance that have recently helped me map out my plans for the future of possibly becoming a Clinical Laboratory Scientist. Not only has she given me connections but she is my inspiration for helping people. She has always set the example of how to care for others and putting them before herself, and always wanted her friends and family to be happy.
From my aspirations, I have been able to achieve honor roll in high school and making the dean’s list in my first year of college. I have also been able to move up in my job as a team lead in food service at the LEGOLAND Resort.

How the San Marcos Promise Impacted You

San Marcos Promise has allowed me to get out of my comfort zone by having to participate in events for volunteer hours and has financially aided me in my education journey to fulfilling my dreams of helping people.

Something About You That is a Surprise

I'm a foodie! I hope to travel the world so I can try new foods!

Scholarship Awarded

PACE Promise

Current School

CSU San Marcos

Current Major


Current Year


3 Traits that Define You:

  • Caring
  • Open-minded
  • Optimistic

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