Pennies for the Promise

Building Dreams, Pathways & Prosperity

We are a non-profit organization, and every penny counts!

We’re asking all parents in SMUSD to consider donating a penny per day, per student; only $3.65, to TSMP in order to help us keep our mission moving forward. So for less than the price of a standard cup of coffee, you could help support the efforts to make every student in the San Marcos Unified School District job and career ready and have the tools to live purposeful lives. 

The funding our district receives is far lower than the average across the state. 

          2016-17     2017-18

Average Unified Districts:         $12,229     $12,260

SMUSD:                                     $10,421     $10,659

Our students deserve our best in order to be prepared for college, career and life.  The difficulties and challenges faced everyday in raising and nurturing these young humans in our school system is monumental, and these needs can’t be met by the schools and the district alone. So it is our Foundation’s critical aim to directly impact students and their futures, support teachers in their classrooms, and to help the District with these needs.

Your support helps make a positive impact on the future of thousands of students in San Marcos Unified School District… and every penny counts!