They’re there to give you answers:

Your school counselor is one of your best resources as you start planning for college. He or she has the current information about admissions tests, college preparation, and your education and career options.

  1. What are the required and recommended courses for graduation and for college prep?
  2. How should I plan my schedule so I’ll complete all courses required for college?
  3. Which elective courses do you recommend?
  4. Which AP courses are available?
  5. When is the PSAT going to be given here?
  6. What college admissions tests are available? Which would you recommend I take?
  7. Do you have any after-school or evening sessions available for college planning or the SAT?
  8. Do you have college handbooks or other guides that I can browse through or borrow?
  9. What clubs or activities can I get involved with that will help me get ready for college?
  10. What kinds of grades do different colleges require?
  11. When is the next college expo at this school or nearby?
  12. Where do other students who’ve graduated from this school attend college?
  13. Can you put me in touch with recent grads who are going to the colleges on my wish list?
  14. Do you have any information to help me start exploring my interest and related careers?
  15. If my colleges need a recommendation letter from you, how can I help you know me better, so the letter can be more personal?
  16. Are there any special scholarships or awards that I should know about now, so I can work toward them?
  17. Can I see my current transcript to see if my grades are where they need to be?
  18. Do you have any forms I need to apply for financial aid?
  19. How can I be a part of the PACE Promise?
  20. Are there any websites to help me with the college application process?

Reality Check:
Your school counselor is very busy, so remember that the person who has the biggest stake in your academic achievement is you. It’s up to you to stay on top of opportunities and deadlines, to take control of your future.

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