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THE SAN MARCOS PROMISE is a non-profit 501(c)3 Corporation and all donations are tax-deductible. Federal Tax ID: 46-5460510.

Thanks to the following employees for making a pledge:

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Lisa Stout
Joyce Brandon
Claudia Hernandez
Jeff Montooth
Elliott Powell
laurie anastasio
Sasha Stone
Kathy Gallagher
katie buffum
Sara Montooth
Adina Sullivan-Marlow
Wendy Gammarano
Nelson Zarate
Braden Stout

Kylie Lewis

Carrie Geldard

Stephanie Wallace

Jennifer Carter

Tiffany Campbell

Courtney Goode

Gina Bishop

Mary Ellen Cowell

Carolyn Kalicki

Vanessa Mercado

Jammie Melgar

Erica Obrist

Holly Garcia

Jamie Gaither

Rebecca Henig

Diane Hunt

Steve Baum

Adam Klimas

Cynthia Pacino

Gabriella Gomez