Promise Navigators is a 2 year program at the High School level for students starting in their junior year. It is our goal to help students explore their strengths and interests, discover careers suited to their passions and embark on a practical path to make it a reality.

Through a variety of resources and guidance programs, we help prepare and empower students to choose, with intention , a post-high school path that will lead to a practical career for the 21st century. We prepare them to be self-reliant navigators of their future.

Beyond that, we hope that by investing in students, we inspire them to be a catalyst for positivity in their communities.

The San Marcos Promise recognizes that people who live their lives with purpose, are happier and students who have purpose in their lives are happier, healthier, more engaged, and less stressed out than their peers without a sense of purpose.

The Promise Navigator program uses the curriculum from Project Wayfinder to help students create meaning +purpose in their lives.

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The biggest problem growing up today is not actually stress; it’s meaninglessness.

-Dr. Bill Damon, Director, Stanford Center on Adolescence

Promise Navigator students fall into one or more of the following categories: 

  • First in their family to go to college
  • Facing financial hardship
  • Under-represented population in college
  • In need of supplemental support
Our Mission is to ensure that all students in the Promise Navigator program are:

  • College ready and well prepared for the transition to life after high school
  • Equipped with financial aid and other critical support
  • Career and job ready to enter the workforce after college graduation
  • Inspired to help others in their community
  • Empowered to navigate their future and live their lives with purpose.