We need YOU

The San Marcos Promise is the link between the business community, the civic and non-profit community and our schools to provide real-world experiences and opportunities, in and out of the classroom, for our students.

Our collective ability to mobilize resources around a shared objective will give our community an opportunity to contribute to future generations and a thriving local economy.

We need your time, talents and treasures! We’re one community… let’s make a shared PROMISE to our students!

Donate Today

Volunteer Your Time

If you are inspired to get involved with the work of The San Marcos Promise, there are many ways to volunteer your time. Your willingness to give your time will ensure that our city’s students are College & Career Ready for the 21st Century.  Below are some examples:

Be a guest speaker in a class

Guest speakers are industry partners who present at school sites or in classrooms, with a group of students. Guest speakers address direct questions from students about college and career opportunities, employee expectations, and provide examples of the skills and abilities needed in industry. Guest speakers usually present for 20-25 minutes with 15-20 minutes of questions and answers and may repeat their presentation for additional class selections.

Attend a career fair at a school campus

An opportunity for large or small groups of students to visit a variety of tables or booths set up by a variety of organizations invited to participate in the event. Career fairs are most effective when organization’s showcase specific tools or materials employers use. By doing this, they give students a venue to interact with employers, expanding their horizons to new possibilities in the process. Career fairs may vary in time but typically last a few hours.


Volunteer Your Talents

Students need your wisdom! By giving them the benefit of your experience, you provide students with the opportunity to gain greater awareness of the workforce, develop professional skills, and cultivate the characteristics to become successful in their future careers.  Below are some examples:

Host a job shadow/company tour for a group of students

Students and instructors have the opportunity to shadow industry professionals at a place of business to gain first-hand experience of the skills and abilities required on the job. A job shadow is a one-on-one or small group of students/instructor assigned to one employer typically for approximately 4 hours.  The employer performs their normal daily routine to the extent possible and emphasizes the skills and abilities needed in the industry on a daily basis.

Provide feedback on a project or presentation

Industry experts to help review, provide perspective, and offer feedback on projects or presentations and help assess students’ attainment of industry-related skills. This may include reviewing both written and oral information and providing feedback to students.  This experience is often completed with other industry professionals as part of a panel. The time commitment for industry typically ranges between 1 hour to ½ or full day depending on the project.

Provide a paid or unpaid experienceship

Experienships are extended on-the-job work experiences that provide students an opportunity to experience the world as an employee or an apprentice.  Ultimately, the experienship is a learning experience providing students with an opportunity to learn job skills. An experienship typically lasts 30-100+ hours but can vary. Students may or may not earn community college credit depending on the amount of hours.

I Want To Volunteer!

Volunteer Your Treasures

In order to sustain our Promise for future generations and see the cascading impact to our community, we encourage you to get involved by committing to a monthly donation to The San Marcos Promise (TSMP).  With the help of your generous donation, you will be supporting the many education-based services TSMP will provide throughout the year and set a standard for years to come.  Please join us in providing opportunities for all students, regardless of background or financial resources, to pursue higher education and strengthen our community. Together we can make a difference!

I Want To Learn More!

You Can Still Help

Periodically, The San Marcos Promise needs help with mailings, registration at events, and other administrative tasks. While these opportunities do not occur regularly, it is wonderful to have a list of volunteers that we can count on when they do. If you would like to be added to that list we will reach out on an as-needed basis.