The San Marcos Promise is a scholarship and career guidance program designed to enhance the lives of students, families and the communities in North San Diego County. We offer a promise of hope and opportunity for San Marcos’ youth and a long-term goal of reinforcing the culture of San Marcos as a well-educated, vibrant, prosperous community for years to come. The Promise inspires students to complete high school, sharpens focus on academic achievement and provides a direct path to post-secondary educational opportunities.

The Promise offers scholarship awards to graduates of the San Marcos Unified School District (“SMUSD”) who meet necessary academic benchmarks. It provides the financial assistance necessary to offset the costs associated with higher education, allowing students to achieve their career goals.  As a result, students in the San Marcos Unified School District are prepared and supported to pursue a relevant education beyond high school that will allow them to achieve their career goals.  We look forward to your support in growing our Promise as we build a community vision for higher education!

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Connecting students with real people in real businesses plays a critical role in setting a career pathway beyond high school. The One Business campaign focuses on building collaborative relationships with local businesses to expose students to the workforce of tomorrow via interview panels, community service, resume review, and internships.




Attention all prospective PACE Scholars!  Applications for 2018 PACE Promise & Palomar Promise+ Scholarships are now open! Please complete the application and all academic requirements prior to the March 2, 2018 deadline.Click Here for the TSMP Scholar Application

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future center

Through on-campus Future Centers, SMUSD high school students and their parents will receive one-on-one support from college and career advisors to identify potential career pathways, the necessary education needed to reach this career, colleges that offer this pathway and degree, and assistance with college applications and financial aid to that will allow students to gain entrance into their chosen college.

The goal is to make careers and college relevant to all high school students by providing first hand career experiences that will allow students to make more informed decisions about their future.